Omuz Solidarity and Support Network 9th period started on 30th March!

Omuz has different volunteers each period as well as facilitators from previous periods who transfer their experience. In this way, Omuz aims to have a fluid and non-hierarchical organisational model. Omuz is a solidarity network of people working and producing in the field of visual arts. 9th period volunteers are; Özge Açıkkol, Ateş Alpar, Betül Aksu, Deniz Artun, Neylan Bağcıoğlu, Melis Bektaş, Simge Burhanoğlu, Emre Erbirer, Sevim Sancaktar and Saliha Yavuz.

Omuz 9th term applications are open to all culture and art workers and their families who were affected by the February 6th earthquake disaster, with an aim to remember the economic insecurity of culture and art workers and the importance of unreciprocated resource sharing. ‘Receive Support’ applications can be made between 30 March – 17 April 2023. A support for the 9th period is 3.000TL.

The number of people who receive support will be determined by the number of people who provide support.

The objective during each period is to provide 1,500TL to 100 people for one time only. A support for the 9th period has been updated to 3.000TL.

Those providing support can commit to any amount individually or as an organization or corporation. It is possible to come together with friends to create a shared resource of 3.000TL.

Individuals who want to receive support can only apply on their own behalf. Applications sent through other individuals and institutions will not be taken into consideration.

Those receiving support will be matched with those giving support through a software that makes the selection randomly. The order in which the application was received is not a determining factor. Omuz will notify only those who receive the support within two weeks of the application closing date.

The bank account information of those who will receive support is shared with those who will be providing the support.

The information of those receiving and giving support is protected within the system of Omuz. However, it is not possible to be fully anonymous due to bank transfer procedures.

The individual receiving support can benefit from Omuz only once a year.

Omuz volunteers change every three months.

Omuz is not an association or a foundation—Omuz does not receive funds, donations, or support. Omuz does not receive a commission in the transactions.