Through the Give Support form, you can support Omuz for 3,000 TL or more. If this amount exceeds your budget, you may reach the minimum sum of 3,000 TL collectively.

You can apply for support through Omuz’s Receive Support form.

You may apply for support through Omuz’s Receive Support form below. To be eligible to receive support it is sufficient to be an arts & culture worker experiencing economic difficulties under precarious conditions.

People who will receive support are determined by lottery and matched with people who will provide support. As a result, it is not possible to have prior knowledge of the individuals you will be supporting. Omuz operates on the premise that a fundamental reconsideration of the mechanisms and principles of unconditional trust and resource sharing is essential in the field of culture. Thus, we take that the declaration of individuals applying for support insufficient.

Omuz is run voluntarily by a group of arts & culture workers. Omuz has different volunteers each period as well as facilitators from previous periods providing know-how. This way, Omuz aims to have a fluid and non-hierarchical organizational model.

You can become an Omuz volunteer at will. If you would like to become a volunteer, attend meetings or share your labor, send an email to You can also contribute by sharing Omuz’s social media posts to spread the word and to expand our community and solidarity network.